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I always knew I wanted to write. In kindergarten, I got in trouble at art time every day for writing stories—okay, it was a sentence. I was 6. Don’t judge. And as a teen, I started screenplays in my math spiral that I’d never finish. (This could be why college algebra took more than one try.) At this point, I’m an international and USA Today bestselling author of fiction and a ghostwriter specializing in SEO and web writing for coaches and therapists. 

Why Did SEO Copywriting For Coaches & Therapy Become Your Niche?

You know how I got in trouble for writing when I was supposed to be drawing? Repeated college algebra because I was writing rom-coms instead of taking notes? I’m ADHD, and writing easily becomes a hyperfixation for me. I love destigmatizing neurodiversity, mental health, and mindset. And each coach or therapist I land on the first page of a Google results page is one step closer. I don’t have the skills to help people work through their problems, but you do. My superpower is using that capital H to amplify your voice! If you’re a coach or therapist and your website isn’t bringing clients to you the way it should, let’s chat! I’m happy to have a complimentary 15 minute conversation with you. 

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If you’re not ready to “hop on a zoom call”—haven’t we all had enough of those these past 2 years?—you can sign up for a list of free SEO resources or see if you can find an answer to your question, and if the answer to your question isn’t there, you can always email me. I usually respond within 24 hours