Ghost Girl


 The Pre-write…

“One of My Proudest Moments”

Jeni Fred wrote her first “book” in preschool when the teacher handed out manila paper, and she folded it in half and wrote a sentence. “You’ve probably read better books, but I was five.” She laughs. But 90s kids were encouraged to do things that paid, and writing wasn’t one of them. So, she got a B.A. in English and went off to law school. Law school was boring, and the only class she passed was LRW (legal research and writing), so like any sane person she dropped out to write a book she never finished. She worked for the government as a paralegal because, hey, money. And then she found a book she fell in love with and knew from that moment on what she wanted to do, but she wasn’t sure how to do it. She read, wrote, and rewrote. “One of my proudest moments happened before I got published. I started A Missing Peace a couple of weeks before my daughter came. She screamed like a banshee every time I laid her down but losing writing seemed like losing a piece of my soul, and I couldn’t do it. I cradled her head in one elbow, let her feet dangle from the other, and wrote. I wrote thirty pages holding a newborn,” she says.


“Where She Needed to Go”

In 2013, Harlequin Escape bought A Missing Peace. Jeni Fred was an author, but the struggle wasn’t over. Jeni knew she could achieve more—be better—so she kept learning and even graduated with MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University in 2018.In January of 2019 Limitless Publishing bought His First Lady.  But it had been ten long years since the journey began, and she wasn’t getting where she needed to go. She tried a couple of sales jobs, but both required nights and weekends which aren’t ideal for a dance mom. In December of 2019, she received her teaching license. In January of 2020, she accepted a long term substitute job that promised to become a full time teaching job.

The Plot Twist…

“Dreams Come True”

Covid-19 hit the U.S. hard in March of 2020. Her husband begged her not to go into a classroom, and since most of the district’s subs were being laid off, arguing would be pointless. She jumped into a Facebook group for freelance writers thinking maybe she could make a couple of hundred dollars to supplement the family income while she couldn’t sub. She landed her first client two weeks later and within two months had outearned her sub income on a consistent basis. “As soon as I quit trying so hard, it just happened. And the best part is I get to help other people make their dreams come true. Whether I’m ghostwriting a novel for someone who has an idea they can’t get out of their head but no idea where to start, a series for an indie author with a successful brand struggling to keep up with reader demand, a sales sequence, or podcast notes for an entrepreneur trying to push their business to the next level, my words get them one step closer to their dream. And I love it, because so many people have helped me along the way.”



“You know how writers often joke revision is a never ending process?” She giggles. “That’s how this story goes too. I’ve written since I knew how to do so, and I won’t quit until I’m no longer able to. I love working with my clients too much to ever give this up.” But when she’s not writing, She likes to read, play with her daughter, and watch her dance.

If you’re looking for a writer, Jeni Fred is your girl. She’s committed, dedicated, and will deliver work you’re proud of. Ask her how she can help you.