This is the story of a girl who always wanted to be a writer. And now she is! Although, I never really thought of SEO writing until it happened.
My first book was published by Harlequin Escape in 2013, and it felt like a huge accomplishment, because I’d written thirty pages of it while holding a newborn.

My second traditionally published book didn’t happen for another six years. In that time, I’d completed an MFA and tried lots of jobs I didn’t love. Finally, in December of 2019 I received my teaching license, and I went from there to a long term sub job which promised to become my own classroom.

Dum..Dum..Dum Cue the horror music, because we all know what happens next.

Covid-19 hit the U.S. hard in March of 2020. I’m in a high risk category, so my husband basically forbade me from going into my classroom. I jumped into a Facebook group for freelance writers thinking maybe I could make a couple of hundred dollars to supplement the family income while I couldn’t sub. I landed my first client two weeks later and within two months had out-earned my sub income on a consistent basis. As soon as I quit trying so hard, it just happened. And the best part is I get to help other people make their dreams come true. Since SEO is one of my assets, I like to say, “I’m invisible so you don’t have to be!”